Since 1996 Vytautas Mockaitis is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union. Since 2000 he is a member of International medallist Federation. He creates jewellery, metal plastic works, medals, a variety of art objects, non-traditional sculpture. Sculpture has always the intrigue – it is possible to see a fantastic view through the magnifying glass. Artist thinks that he managed to find his “niche”, to create its own style.

V. Mockaitis takes part every year in plenty of exhibitions in Lithuania and foreign countries. He organized a dozen solo exhibitions. The artist said he wasn‘t afraid of creating the exhibition according to a “dictated” theme. Sometimes any an old thing brings the idea of creating a non-traditional sculpture. There is an idea to upgrade it, to give him life in another world – in the world of art. Sometimes he still uses both purposes. At International exhibition “Amber in Interior” V.Mockaitis won the third place with his works “Mother and Son” and “Live healthy.” V. Mockaitis published methodical publications “Amber in Applied Art“ and „Technology of Enamel in Applied Art”.