Ąžuolas Vaitukaitis in his jewellery pieces and ornamental artefacts focuses on optical qualities of amber. He always selects raw amber pieces of exceptional beauty and pays special attention to metal treatment techniques. His style is informed by the traditional concept of a jewellery piece and characterised by the centrality of a sumptuous amber piece, whose form is only accentuated by silver detail. His finger rings and neck ornaments are usually sizeable, thus the unique features of amber used are brought to the full effect. His solo exhibitions (in 1999, 2001, the latter with S. Grinius, and in 2003) have testified to the artist’s perception of material qualities of amber. His amber pieces have revealed him as a lover of restrained luxury and magnificence. Truly imposing is an almost two-kilo amber piece used for the work Touch Me, one of the highlights of the gallery’s interior. It meets the visitors and welcomes them to feel the unique aura of amber. The beauty of raw and rough amber is best accentuated by warm and plastic bronze; transparent and luminous pieces are frequently combined with smooth silver and bronze surfaces. The artist brings different shades and textures of amber into a meaningful dialogue (figurine Man); in other instances he matches yellow amber with bronze and gold (Flight, Holy); solid forms are being combined with openwork elements. According to the art critic J. Ludavičienė, his work is a rational and aristocratic playing with amber and silver colours, and forms (Opera, Envelope Knife, Genesis).