Jolanta Tabutytė-Misienė: „Most often it‘s the redudant materials that I use for my creations. These different scraps of material come from my friends or my close ones. The long forgotten scraps, that for years and years have been staying in the deepest corner of the wardrobe or up on the loft, acquire a new life on my worktable. Often these scraps determine the idea and the process of the new creation.

Texture and color are crucial for me. Natural materials are easy to form. I unite these by hand felting method, as if layering the work  and introducing the colors one after another. National Lithuanian colors are the ones I use yhe most. All my works have aqn easily recognized color scale with that of folk costumes, sashes or shawls.

Free composition, daring color scheme, and easthetical esthetics are particular for my works. That is, if anybody could call that the free-shaped, wrinkled and „torn„ works of art.