Algina Žalimienė studied textile, now she creates jewellery of amber. In her creation she adapts her textile skills: she uses technique with beads, ornaments of jewellery embroiders with pieces of amber. Exhibition of the graphic designer Kristina Norvilaitė and the jeweller Algina Žalimienė “Florescence” reveals the unconventional artists’ standpoint to archaic materials and components. The exhibition shows the Lithuanian authors’ works of wood, fur, linen, amber and leather. Artists decorate silhouettes of a woman’s body with linocut ornaments, fur, and jewellery: beads, brooches, belts. It combines traditional and modern standpoint to graphics and amber. According to K. Norvilaitė, the name of exhibition reflects a woman being smart. “A tree is alive, amber is also alive. Their merger supplements and reveals each other. It is like in a woman’s life, where jewellery supplements and reveals a woman“, – said the artist in the opening of the exhibition.

Looking at A. Žalimienė’s necklaces of small amber pieces before the eyes comes out an abundance of amber that could be found on Pilies’ street. Amber loses its identity and becomes like a drapery, a cloth. The designer having textile skills uses these associations: makes a belt of a regular amber rectangle, imitating the weave of the leather straps. Amber accessories “artificial flowers” are big not only because of fashion but they become big, for amber pieces are used by glass beads (miniature small glass balls). One to another adherent small amber pieces form the ornamented surface, where combined amber pieces imitate large, semi-precious stones or glass’ eyes. Semi-transparent dark amber, which is often used by the artist, is suitable for this imitation. Other parts of necklaces, bracelets are made of linen yarn of natural or dark brown colour.