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The exhibition hall of Amber Museum-Gallery is located in the basement of the 15th century building. Here you will have a great opportunity to visit the exhibition of modern art, where imaginative artists will drastically change your stereotyped attitude towards amber. Not only Lithuanian artists, but also foreign authors take part in the exhibitions.


Since 15/03/2010

“Modern Lithuanian Jewellery with Amber”

Works from V. and K. Mizgiris’ collection

January of 2009

A. Boss “Jewellery”

The artist confessed that lately he treats jewellery like a joke or a fun part of the surrounding world. A. Boss presented works created over 25 years. The exhibition contains jewellery, dishes, cutlery, and two sculptures. The works are created of silver, amber, striped flint, various stones, and what is the most surprising, that artist combines these materials with paper, silicone, resins, plexiglass, fishing lines, Barbie shoes and even soil.

April of 2009

International exhibition “Mysterious Colours of Amber”

Amber is not always yellow as the sun. It can be white and black, green and red, varicoloured and blue. Specialists can count up to 200 colours and shades of amber. Twenty seven authors provide with pleasant surprises even for a demanding and sophisticated spectator, who knows amber shapes, inclusions and colours well. The main goal of this exhibition was to unveil and emphasise colours of amber. (A. Ališanka, J. Batečko, P. Binek (Poland), U. Blažytė, E. Čėjauskaitė, O. Čepeliuk, I. Diržienė, J. Erminaitė, N. Erminas, U. Haagensen (Estonia), I. Matulionienė, A. Mikutis, R. Ničajienė, J. Noreikaitė, V. Pukštaitė, J. Šarapova-Stulgienė, R. Šaški, A. Šaulys (Estonia), A. ir M. Šimkevičiai, A. Šimkutė, E. Tamošiūnaitė, Ą. Vaitukaitis, D. Varnaitė, K. Vellerind (Estonia), I. Žukauskytė)

April of 2008

International exhibition “An Inclusion – A Window to the Past”

Inclusions are fossils found in amber pieces. Remnants of animals and plants stuck in sticky resin are an unique phenomenon of nature. They look like entrapped moments of life. During the exhibition artists viewed inclusion as a window to the past. Many authors presented jewellery, small plastics and sculptures. The only condition of this exhibition was to use a natural piece of amber with an inclusion. (A. Šaulys (Estonia), A. Mikutis, A. Ališanka, A. Šimkutė, Ą. Vaitukaitis, B. Stulgaitė, D. Varnaitė, G. Umbrasas, I. Matulionienė, J. Batečko, J. Šarapova, J. Vaitkus, K. Vellerind (Estonia), L. Brinkman-Jauniškis (Netherlands), N. Erminas, O. Čepeliuk, S. Tali (Estonia), U. Blažytė, U. Haagensen (Estonia), V. Pukštaitė, V. Matulionis, Ž. Bautrėnas)

April of 2007

International exhibition “Amber Itself” (J. Vaitkus, D. Varnaitė, O. Čepeliuk, R. Aranauskas, Ž. Bautrėnas, S. Malaškevičiūtė, A. Šaulys, A. Mikutis, A. Ališanka, N. Erminas, A. Šimkevičienė, A. Valiūnas, M. Maskoliūnaitė, G. Stonkutė, E. Čejauskaitė, I. Diržienė)

21/02/2005 – 30/05/2005

A. Mikutis “Losses”

10/12/2004 – 01/02/2005

E. Čėjauskaitė, M. Gintalas “Gliding Structures”

09/11/2004 – 30/11/2004

Exhibition of graphic designer K. Norvilaitė and jeweller A. Žalimienė “Florescence”

Showpieces are silhouettes of a woman’s body and hands decorated with linocut ornaments. Silhouettes are decorated with modern designed amber jewellery: beads, brooches, and belts.

20/05/2004 – 03/11/2004

“Modern Lithuanian Jewelery with Amber”

Works from V. and K. Mizgiris’ collection

15/04/2004 – 11/05/2004

U. Balžytė’s solo exhibition “A joke” (objects, jewellery)

The artist exposes photographs and accessories made of plastic, synthetics, medical tin, rubber and amber.

13/02/2004 – 13/04/2004

B. Sietinšienė’s solo exhibition “Bandages for Body” (jewellery, photography)

The exhibition intends to analyze jewellery as protection and relation between ornaments and a body. The artist suggests interpreting exposed jewellery as healing bandages for a body.

18/12/2003 – 11/02/2004

Project “Amber and Fashion” (Objects and jewellery of Lithuanian and Estonian painters)

Costume designers reject old-fashioned attitude to amber as a symbol of nationality and as a part of Lithuanian national costume. Their goal is to identify how long amber can be relevant to fashion. Amber is represented as a piece of accessory; designers play with its colours and combine it with various fabrics.

28/10/2003 – 14/12/2003

International exhibition “Enemies of Body”

Theme of body is a vivid perception: exposed bacteria and viruses are extremely enlarged or conserved like “parasites” and look like jewellery. Some works become muzzles and collars. (E. Faiman, B. Lillemets, K. Mason, A. Mannik, S. Tali, K. Veegen (Estonia); S. Virpilaitis, N. Erminas, D. Kasbaras, O. Čepeliuk, J. Erminaitė, R. Diržys, L. Kavaliūnaitė, A. ir M. Šimkevičiai, S. and A. Krivičiai).

S. Bylaitė, V. Čepkauskas “Amber – the Gun”

Artists created three practical work ensembles. Clothing appliqués and fabric layers reflecting form and structure of amber. Pieces of amber became accessories.

A. and M. Šimkevičius’, P. Zaleckis “Both Can Play”

Trousers of rough fabric and jeweller‘s suspenders – “backpacks” are exhibited. Photographs demonstrate ways to wear clothing.

19/09/2003 – 26/10/2003

Exhibition of E. Babilaitė-Sitas, I. Babilaitė “Melting, Windy, Germinated” (painting, mass of paper)

The exhibition is dedicated to Lapland. Works are related to Lapland spring, when snow melts, warmer winds come to life and you can start waiting for unfolding buds. Exposed portraits, painted landscapes reflect indigenous people and nature.

04/06/2003 – 14/09/2003

“Modern Lithuanian Jewelery with Amber”

Works from V. and K. Mizgiris’ collection

03/04/2003 – 30/05/2003

Vilnius Academy of Arts, Crafts and Arts Branch in Telšiai, Design Department

Exhibition of the students of Metallic Art Studio “We Are Coming”

Art of metal is not only jewellery but also small plastic, dishes, cutlery, smithery works, various techniques and materials. The exhibition was intended for a 210 years anniversary of Vilnius Academy of Arts.

10/03/2003 – 01/04/2003

Exhibition of L. Kavaliūnaitė and A. Kucharskis “Knitting Mania” (jewellery, photography)

Exposed object is a unit of non-traditional jewellery and its interpretation in photo art. L. Kavaliūnaitė’s jewellery knitted of silver and A. Kucharskis photographs were exhibited.

07/02/2003 – 08/03/2003

Ą. Vaitukaitis’ solo exhibition “Anniversary”

12/12/2002 – 05/02/2003

International competition “Amber in Interior”

The aim of the competition was using amber as an accent of the interior, to grant it contemporary shape by invoking modern language of plastic. One of the basic requirements was that amber should have been understood like vivid accent of the interior. (M. Jefremova, G. Gulbis, P. Urmas, M. Relo-Šaulys and A. Šaulys, J. Jabczynski, M. Schoeneck, A. Wolski (Poland); A. Ališanka, V. Mockaitis „Mother and Son“-3rd place, L. Kėrienė „Expressions“ – 1st place, A. and M. Šimkevičiai, S. and A. Krivičiai, J. Erminaitė „Kidnapping 2002“ – 2nd place, S. Vaitiekūnas, J. Čiutaitė, R. Inčirauskas, R. Grigaravičius, B. Zdramytė-Sietinšienė, D. Kalvaitytė, V. Urbonienė, S. Malaškevičiūtė, I. and R. Diržiai, D. Bražiūnas, T. Deksnys, V. Pukštaitė )

17/09/2002 – 10/12/2002

A. Wagner and T. Tolwannen’ (Holland) personal exhibition “Out of the Blue”

The exhibition itself was organised like an attractive show: women clothing silhouettes were cut out of blue fabric hanging on the ropes and fixed with clothes-pegs. Modern and youthful jewellery were beautifully matched to the blue silhouettes.

01/05/2002 – 17/09/2002

“Amber in Lithuanian Paintings”

Collection of Amber Museum-Gallery

12/12/2001 – 01/05/2002

A. Mikutis “MMM” (Amber sculpture – the small plastic)

The title of this exhibition means the union of Mizgiris, Mikutis and material, because the collection was created using pieces of amber from Mizgiris’ collection. There were 18 works exposed: jewellery, small amber sculptures, and sweet daily applicable trifles.

01/11/2001 – 12/12/2001

Vilnius Academy of Arts, Crafts and Arts Branch in Telšiai, Design Department

Exhibition of metallic specialty lecturer V. Mockaitis and his 2nd year students

V. Mockaitis’ 2nd year students presented peculiar minimalism of jewellery; almost all of them combined amber with metal, and focused on formal composition and technical realization of works. Amber is treated as aesthetically valuable varicoloured implant.

20/09/2001 – 01/11/2001

M. Relo-Šaulys, A. Šaulys “EXODUS”

K. Votipka’s jewellery

Amber in A. Šaulys’ works turns into a candy, a grenade, or even a hindsight of a gun. M. Relo-Šaulys’ works breeze with subtle irony. Her handmade brooches of silver reflect air balloon theme. K. Votipka applies modern forms, energetic lines and courageous combinations.

01/05/2001 – 20/09/2001

“Amber in Lithuanian Paintings”

Collection of Amber Museum-Gallery

08/03/2001 – 01/05/2001

Jewellery of S. Grinius and Ą. Vaitukaitis “Works of the Present Year”

A. Vaitukaitis professionally and rationally combines amber with silver, opening minds to question such a combination. The author plays both with colours of amber and its form. Meanwhile S. Girnius’ works are full of irony. The jeweller sees and uses irregular form of amber and its complicated shape.

21/12/2000 – 07/03/2001

Republican competition of jewellery with amber “One Piece of Amber”

The owners who organized the competition-exhibition had an uneasy task for the participants: they had to create a work of one piece of amber. A piece of amber itself had to weigh at least two or three hundred gramms and it had to be unparted and unprocessed. Sixteen authors participated in this competition-exhibition, and presented 24 works. (A. Šaulys, S. Virpilaitis, Ą. Vaitukaitis, A. Mikutis, S. and A. Krivičiai, E. Ludavičius, D. Varnaitė, J. Balčiūnas, I. Diržienė, R. Diržys, S. Grinius, V. Matulionis, V. Mockaitis, R. Rinkevičienė, V. Stripeikaitis, T. Vaivadienė, V. Vidugirytė)

09/11/2000 – 20/12/2000

Photography exhibition of the owner K. Mizgiris and presentation of his book “Sand and Wind”

The exhibition “Road of Book” had various items exposed: future photographer’s first photo camera “Liubitel-2” bought for six roubles; completely rubbed note with the developers’ recipes; gold and silver medals awarded abroad; correspondence with organizers of exhibitions; photographs and their different versions. Visitors could also take a look at the newest author’s book “Sand and Wind”.

02/06/2000 – 08/12/2000

Jewellery exhibition of B. Stulgaitė

Jeweller created amber jewellery “from inside to outside”, confiding individuality of each “stone”. The author processed amber and saved its natural structure. Transparency is like purity – it is the most meaningful and symbolical feature of amber that the author highlights. A lot of her works are like polished lenses permeable to light.

07/04/2000 – 01/06/2000

Jewellery of J. Balčiūnas and V. Vidugirytė

An original exhibition is presented in an unusual way: necklaces, brooches, rings are in glass frames hung in the middle of the hall. Visitors can analyse exposed works from every side. Small pieces of amber are combined with silver moulded by wax technique enduing with regular forms and embossedly ornamented surfaces.

26/01/2000 – 06/04/2000

E. Ludavičius’ personal exhibition “Yellow buzz”

Exhibition title suggests bitterness of yellow colour and buzz annoyance. Metal in the author’s hands embodies attitude of post-modern art – highlight the process but not the result. With that metal gains unpredictable, unconsciously developed shape: it changes the colour while melting, creases, and burns through. The author combines the process of cold metal to warm Baltic amber.

25/10/1999 – 25/01/2000

Exhibition of D. Ložytė and R. Padleckas “Night Gardens”

The exhibition is full of works created by two artists guided by the same idea. Dark glazed clay dishes with covers seem to be covered with leaves bloomed with amber blossoms, grown from rough ceramic surfaces on silver and coppers stalks. All the decorative creations are functional. Your fantasy and imagination will open the ways to use them.

21/09/1999 – 24/10/1999

S. and A. Krivičiai personal exhibition “Fragments”

The exhibition instead of one idea presents several different discoveries. It is more similar to a personal life story. The authors divide their jewellery into those that are designed for commercial purposes, and also the ones that are not for sale.

09/04/1999 – 20/09/1999

S. Virpilaitis’ personal exhibition

Amber is not the main accent in the artist’s S. Virpilaitis works. In some of them it is only a connecting part of a jewel. He used the most variable, even organic materials (bamboo and pear tree, coconut shell, technical silk and many others). Not functionalism but free interpretation of creativeness is important for this artist.

28/02/1999 – 08/04/1999

A. Vaitukaitis’ personal exhibition “Birth”

09/12/1998 – 27/02/1999

Competition “Amber Axe is Raised” and exhibition of students of Lodz Academy of Fine Arts (Poland)

“Amber Axe is Raised” 

Local artists exposed their works showing incredible potentiality of amber starting from reproduced Juodkrantė’s Treasure of Neolithic times to very unique mystical and yet in Lithuania unseen jewellery. (R. Aleknienė, J. Balčiūnas, V. Vidugirytė, Ž. Bautrėnas, A. Bogačionok, A. Daulius, I. Diržienė, L. Kėrienė, E. Ludavičius, I. Lugminaitė, M. Kėrys, S. Krivičienė, S. Malaškevičiūtė, A. Markevičius, A. Markevičius, V. Matulionis, O. Motiekaitytė, A. Mikutis, V. Milkintas, Z. Radvilas, A. Raubienė, B. Stulgaitė, U. Stukas, J. Tubutytė, A. Uogintas, Ą. Vaitukaitis)

Artist A. Boss and his students’ exhibition 

Exposed amber is combined with silver, mother pearl, plexiglass and small pieces of wood found by the sea which makes jewellery unique and exotic. (A. Boss, O. Podfilpska, S. Lukašenka, A. Rožek, A. Pabjanska)

27/03/1998 – 08/12/1998

Opening of Amber Museum-Gallery

Collections of nine artists working with amber (D. Baravykienė, Ž. Bautrėnas, S. Krivičienė, V. Matulionis, A. Mikutis, V. Milkintas, R. Padleckas, B. Stulgaitė, Ą. Vaitukaitis)