Naglių st 14, Nida

The Gallery was founded in an improvised old fisherman’s ship kurėnas. Both an old ship and a modern gallery are the contrast to amber, which saves secrets for centuries, and modern artists’ standpoint to it.

Everyone, who visits the gallery, can hear the story of amber origin or admire atypical articles of amber. Gallery’s aim is to break traditional stereotypes of amber and bring it to contemporary human life style and rhythm. Here you can see articles created for people who like extravagant and original amber jewellery. Most of them are single pieces, uniqueworks.

Lithuanian and foreign authors’ works such as jewellery and small plastic, which were exhibited in various exhibitions, could be found here.

These artists treat an adornment as an object of luxury and representation, but each of them interprets it individually and differently. In some jewellery amber is only a part of the specific design, in the other pieces the same amber is like a unique piece of art. Particular amber properties are highlighted in this kind of jewellery. Amber is combined with precious stones, precious metals, with different minerals, crystals and natural substances, such as horsehair, seaweed or fur. All goods have certificates, guaranteeing that the product is made of natural Baltic amber.