Adolfas Šaulys and Mari Relo-Šaulys represent generation of young artists who accepts Post-modern discourse as natural artistic experience, and not as an avant-garde challenge. The Lithuanian A. Šaulys and the Estonian M. Relo live in Estonia. In 2001, they exhibited their pieces at the gallery; A. Šaulys had previously participated in group events by the gallery. These artists produce conceptual jewellery; they no longer relate to nor challenge the symbolical myths of amber, deeply rooted in Lithuanian cultural consciousness. They choose amber due to its physical qualities (different shades, transparency and similar) needed for a particular concept. In the Home Pharmacy lucid amber is used to imitate gelatine capsules. Grinded but unpolished transparent amber fits best to imitate a Chupa-Chups candy (brooch Realistic), but if a candy assumes a shape of a hand-grenade, a few will want to taste its sweetness (Military). The idea to create a parody of adult toying with weapons occurred to the artist when he was listening to some candy-on-a-stick populist talk on serious issues, like NATO membership. A. Šaulys develops military motives in a number of his pieces: amber lends these shapes quite a grim appearance. In contrast, amber looks light and warm in the elaborate air balloon – and gondola- shaped brooches by M. Relo-Šaulys.