Danguolė Baravykienė: “Touching amber you feel good energy floating from it. It is just naturally beautiful with its different textures, shapes and shades. This is extremely warm, plastic and colourful material with no comparison.”

“Though I know this material for long time, a variety of amber colours and textures is still a wonder to me. I create my works with love and hand over it to people, who like my works. I like to create not only necklaces, but also amulets that are very important to me, trying to preserve the natural forms of nature, respecting the material, which for centuries was formed in the depth of Earth, where it gained much energy. I would love with my touch of amber not destroy, but complement it. Many years ago I noticed that the most beautiful amber is not polished, opaque amber. Sometimes dust on the works makes them so delicate and it does not harm amber’s energy. Archaic style is predominating in my works. Signs and symbols of pagan Balts’ culture transform into a form that could be temporary for some people, but eternal for others. I think that my works won’t become old-fashioned, they will only change the colour. It is unclear why the works become more beautiful over time. This is like a feeling of eternity.”