Newspaper “Lietuvos rytas”, 16/11/2001, “Neolithic Period Defenders Protect Amber Gallery”

Virginija and Kazimieras Mizgiris resurrected the famous Juodkrantė’s Treasure, amber amulets of 3000 years BC. In the 19th century German scientist R. Klebs found 434 original amulets of the Neolithic period. He described, painted them and released a book that helped restorer B. Kunkulienė to make the copies of original ones. Now they are exposed in Vilnius, in Amber Museum-Gallery. Designer Jonas Gerulaitis suggested to make some wooden amulets to protect the Amber Gallery-Museum in Nida. Folk artists Algimantas Sakalauskas, Tomas Vaičaitis and Gediminas Staškauskas made them. J. Gerulaitis explained that the word “amber” in the Lithuanian language means “protector”, so the gallery would be safe and chased by success.