Nerijus Erminas graduated in metal art from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Telšiai department. Currently he studies sculpture in Vilnius. Erminas creates art objects similar to domestic utensils (a hammer, nails or an axe), but constructed illogically, not corresponding the scale of a human body or made for an unknown purpose: in other words, non-functional things encouraging us to think of the necessity and value of daily things that surround us. While developing the idea of an imaginary, toy world, the artist made remixes of these works using amber: doll-sized Cutlery, a sugary decorative amber vest for Barbie’s husband (Vest I for the superman is scooped from birch and is reliable like armour); a miniature frying pan and a “real” fried egg, the white of which is imitated by white amber, the yolk by transparent yellow with an insect embedded in it – an inclusion. Such jokes successfully question the line between the reality and the fiction.