In 2012 International amber workshop “Baltic amber – become a part of the ancient Europe’s culture!“ was held in Baltic Amber Art Center in Vilnius

On 12 March, 2008 K. Mizgiris became a member of World Amber Council.

In 2006 in International Amber Competition S. Virpilaitis’s necklace “Gold and Amber” won the Grand Prix in German Amber Museum (Ribnitz Damgarten).

In 2005 there was an abundantly illustrated cognitive book “Mysterious amber world. Geheimnisvolle Bernsteinwelt” written with a purpose to give a meaning to fifteen years of V. and K. Mizgiris work with amber.

In 2005Amber Gallery ”Kryžių kalnas”/“The Hill of Crosses” was opened (Aušros Vartų st 17, Vilnius).

In 2004Art Centre of Baltic Amber (Šv. Mykolo st 12, Vilnius) was opened near Amber Museum-Gallery in Vilnius, where amber is presented a little bit differently: originally and artistically. A created virtual exhibition tells the history of Baltic amber. The Art Centre of Baltic Amber pays attention to energy, medical, and industrial aspects of amber. Also research about amber is promoted, literature related to amber collected, different published material: advertising brochures, publications, scientific articles. Educational activities (organized lectures, seminars) are carried out here; amber treatment process displayed, as well as the artistic development of expertise for amber promoted, amber cultural context of art developed, high level of amber art presented, and missing exposition space for young artists provided.

In 2003 Amber Museum-Gallery has joined the Lithuanian Tourism Association.

In 2002 The International Amber Association at its meeting in Gdansk (Poland) declared that “The Amber Gallerist of the year 2001” title is awarded to K. Mizgiris.

In 2001 – 2002 in order to expand the geography of amber popularity, there was a mobile exhibition “Baltic amber: the history and design” created, which had four parts: historical, archaeological, modern artists’ articles (B. Stulgaitė, V. Matulionis, Ž. Bautrėnas, Ą. Vaitukaitis, S. Virpilaitis, J. Balčiūnas and V. Vidugirytė) and folklore art. The exhibition opened its doors in many countries around the world: Iceland, Canada, Belgium (the project representing the culture of Middle and East European countries in European Parlament), USA (Washington and Chicago) and Italy (the Festival of Modern Arts organised by Rome – European cultural fund in Vittoriano Museum in Rome). The exhibition attracted huge audiences; abroad the owners were called Lithuanian ambassadors.

In 2001 – 2002 an exposition in the museum’s garden was made in Nida. This exposition symbolized amber trade route. Here you‘ll see “Amber inclusions gallery”, “A Well of Juodkrantė’s Treasure”, “Trees of amber morphology”, “Sea-amber”, “Altar”, amber workshop. At the entrance to the museum there are oak sculptures in reflection of amulets from Juodkrantė’s Treasure. There is an oak obelisk built near the Lagoon symbolizings the beginning of Amber Road.

In 2001Amber Gallery “Kurėnas” was opened (Nagliu st 18c, Nida)

In 1999 Amber gallery of Mizgiris’ family was invited to participate in the international Baltic amber contest in German Amber Museum (Ribnitz Damgarten). Co-authors: J. Balčiūnas and V. Vidugirytė won the 3rd place.

In 1998 Amber Museum-Gallery in Vilnius was opened (Šv. Mykolo st 8). Archaeological research was conducted by the reconstruction of the premises. During this research there was a complex of kilns of the 15th century and about 30’000 archaeological findings of the 14th – 19th century discovered.

House of Artists was built in 1996 reviving an old Hermann Blode’s idea about Mecca of artists. Artists, masters of amber and those who did not have amber in their hands, but want to touch it and learn something to create from it are invited here.

In 1995 K. Mizgiris became an honorary member of “Working with amber” society (University of Hamburg).

In 1994 Juodkrantė’s Treasure was “returend” to the Curonian Spit.

In 1993 in collaboration with famous Lithuanian designers Feliksas Daukantas, Romas Martinkus, amber specialists and museum worker Antanas Tranyzas the Amber Gallery-Museum in Nida was opened (Pamario st 20).

In 1991 Virginija and Kazimieras Mizgiris opened the first Amber Gallery in Nida, near the house of Thomas Mann (Skruzdyne st 17a).