Jonas Balčiūnas and Vaidilutė Vidugirytė made an impetuous debut in the Lithuanian jewellery art. Since 2002 they have lived in USA. Artists have a quality, which is extremely important for jewellers, particularly a feeling of substance, and the ability to combine materials, creating unexpected associations. Artists make silk look tougher than metal. On the other hand, silver, covered with gentle ornaments and whitened with acid, has no glitter and does not remind a piece of metal any more. Pieces of polished amber absorb light instead of reflecting it, and seem to be filling up with heaviness. There is no dominant material in these artworks. The image of the world, created by the artists, leaves no place for the modern self-expression. It seems that not self, but the world is spreading out in their creations in the manner set by the tradition. Post-Modernists do not care about origins and cultural roots of any tradition. The spirit of the naive love of the world is more important to Jonas Balčiūnas and Vaidilutė Vidugirytė. This spirit is embodied in the shapes, ornaments and figured scripts of their jewellery, created as if by an unsteady hand. The rings and brooches bear inscriptions, and adornments are accompanied with textual comments, mainly Yosano Akiko verses. A sight should touch and admire, and only later should it find out the meaning of each small silver letter, inlaid into amber and written with no spaces. The same words could define the entire creation of Jonas Balčiūnas and Vaidilutė Vidugirytė. Their artworks reveal and bring us closer to the world, contemplated with love and peace.