Pewspaper “Respublika”, 14/12/2002, “Amber with inclusions is more valuable than gold”

K. Mizgiris has an answer for the question “how much does amber cost?”: if there is a customer that can pay 1 m money, then the piece has such value. Each amber piece has its price. It depends on its size, shape, structure, artistic expression, energetic, where did it come from etc. Amber drop can cost 1000 US dollars, amber with inclusion got for bottle of vodka or milk now can value about 100 000 dollars. A gram of amber is more valuable than gold.

Virginija and Kazimieras Mizgiris travelled to Iceland, Canada, USA and exposed amber articles and photos of Curonian spit. People were interested more in its nature, origin than in present day function. Mizgiris’ exhibition also went to Italy; it took place in contemporary art festival organized with the help of Rome-European cultural fund.

Newspaper “Lietuvos rytas”, 18/11/2002, “Looks to Lithuanian Amber in Rome”

V. and K. Mizgiris exhibited amber necklaces, statues, unique inclusions and other showpieces in prestigious “Vittoriano” exposition complex. Amber exhibition is a part of the big international project “Rome-Europe”. Italians could take a look to mystical inclusions, learned about the most rare bluish amber, and also combinations of this organic material with precious stones and metals. Well known Lithuanian artists as Žilvinas Bautrėnas, Birutė Stulgaitė, Ąžuolas Vaitukaitis, Vytautas Matulionis exhibited their creations.

Newspaper “Draugas” (Chikago), 07/10/2002, “Lithuanian Amber” Exhibition Went With Success.

K. Mizgiris guided the lesson about amber in Lemont Saturday school. He explained its origin and its practical use. The teachers were very thankful for US Lithuanian Community cultural council and its chairman Maria Remienė.

Newspaper “Draugas” (Chikago), 01/10/2002, “Amber Tells the Story of the Earth”

In the Lithuanian Museum of Fine Arts in Lemont there was an exhibition “Lithuanian Amber”. During it there were not only exposed interesting amber pieces, articles but also K. Mizgiris explained a lot about amber. It is organic material – fossilized pine trees resin – of 50 m years old. It can be with inclusions, various colours, shapes. The formation, colour variety, inclusions inside depended on different reactions, weather conditions and other things that Mother Nature did. K. Mizgiris collection is very big: the most interesting things are with inclusions inside – shell, lizard, grasshopper etc. The artist explains that his and her wife aim is to show modern amber use. He is very happy that more and more artists now want to work with amber and show its different sides.