Šv. Mykolo st 8, Vilnius

Amber Museum-Gallery is established in a baroque style house of the 17th century. The baroque building kept remnants of renaissance and classicism architecture, elements of Gothic.

Everyone, who is eager to find out about 50 million years old Baltic amber, is welcome to hear about history of amber origin, differences in form, size and colour. You will see the biggest amber piece of this museum that weighs 3 kilograms. Also, you will be very surprised that amber can be white and black, green and red, varicoloured and even blue! A unique collection of inclusions will catch your eye: a shell in amber, a mosquito which sucked blood, a leg of a grasshopper.

You will have an opportunity to view a reconstructed Treasure of Juodkrantė. It is the biggest archeological amber collection in the world collected during the period of 1860-1881 when digging amber beside Juodkrantė in Curonian Spit. The collection consists of raw amber and 434 amber artefacts of various shapes. All these items are described by Richard Klebs in the book “Amber jewellery of Stone Age” (1882).

What is more, the museum cellar keeps a valuable archaeological finding: kilns dating back to the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th century and best preserved throughout the Eastern Europe. Restored dishes and tiles baked in these kilns are exhibited here. Amidst the kilns there is a fragment of stone pavement walked on by townspeople 500 year ago. Archeologist Gediminas Gendrėnas the way down from the upper gallery hall to the cellar transformed into a fantastic journey to the depths of centuries. As it happens, when you go down the stairs (about 70 ?m) you get from the XXI century to surrounding of the XVII century. Going down three meters more, to the cellar, you find cultural layer of the XIV-XV centuries: the land walked on by the first citizens of this city.

In Amber gallery you will have an opportunity to see the exposition of modern artists’ jewellery, and you will be able to buy amber articles made by famous jewellers. Every purchased item is provided with a certificate witnessing high quality, real Baltic amber item.