Mizgiris Amber Museum
Naglių st 27, LT-93123 Nida
Phone: +37061004280
E-mail: info@mizgirisambermuseum.lt
Opening hours: I-VII 10.00-19.00

Tours take place at the specified hours.
The number of participants is limited.
Information about vacancies
by tel. +370 6 10 04 280

Amber Museum-Gallery
Šv. Mykolo st 8, LT-2001 Vilnius
Phone: +37061004258
E-mail: info@ambergallery.lt
Opening hours: I-VII   10.00-19.00

Art Center of Baltic Amber
Šv. Mykolo st 12, LT-2001 Vilnius
Phone: +37060789131
E-mail: bgmc@ambergallery.lt
Facebook account: “Baltijos gintaro meno centras”
Opening hours: I-VII   09.00-18.00

Amber Gallery
Skruzdynės st 17a, Nida
Phone: +370 46952052
E-mail: info@ambergallery.lt
Opening hours: 05-10 I-VII   9.00-19.00

Amber Gallery “Kurėnas”
Naglių st 14, Nida
E-mail: info@ambergallery.lt
Opening hours: 06-08 I-VII   10.00-21.00

Artists’ House
Pamario st 20a, Nida
E-mail: info@ambergallery.lt
Opening hours: in summer season (from may to september)